Eyes so deep into this world
That’s confined in a lifeless fate
Replete with knowledge and gratification instant
We miss out the wonder in this tranced state

An easy escape from the unknown
Of what the next second unfolds
Or the cave-in to convenience
That trumps what mundane life holds

The world’s grown more silent
A bit more lonely, a bit more absorbed
To know a thousand name
Or recognise a thousand face
Is what we claim for fame

Lost is the era, of social and self
Where less, real and stillness thrives
A jump in the abyss of marvel
Only to come out alive!

The drumroll of clouds
The splatter of rain
Who is to hear, who is to hear
The wood, the green and the empty lanes

Step by step, day by day
Forward we make the road
This ain’t a melancholic verse
This battle is ours to take

Soon will come a day
To give patience its way
When the gates swing open
Gates to the wood, the green and the empty lanes

The drumroll of clouds
The splatter of rain
Who is to hear, who is to hear
The bustling hearts in their joyful ways

The hour strikes midnight
Another year passes by
Followed by hymns and rythms
A birthday wish floats by

Is the joy in years gone by
Or the ones in line to unfold
Crave for our younger selves
Or hope for the new and unknown

Why a choice, I choose none
Magic is here, in the now
Fleeting moment with eternity inside
Where past and future is one!

As the countdown rolls
Tumbling and tossing ahead
Have we put a thought to what will happen
When this lonely siege ends

Will we run will we rush
Eager to meet and embrace
Or will we solemnly stand
To soak and reflect on the gone days

Will we switch to who we were
Or accept our new found selves
Will we still crave for more
Or be grateful for what we have instead

Will we still tread alone
As if the world is ours, such unfounded pride
Or will we stop and turn
To walk together, by each other’s side

I run the fields in an open space
Green, brown, red, in a winding maze
With eyes full of queer and childlike joy
There are us two, not just I

A simple start, with monsters abay
We set out to build, night and day
Lost our way, and back we found
The home that made us strangely bound

Right behind you, an echo of relief
A careful tread in a mine so deep
Where darkness presents itself with shine inside
Gold and diamonds, and fire to find

A halt we take to see the pixel rise
With gushing stillness and chaos inside
What is this, a world so real yet unreal
Who are you, a presence so surreal

Does there exists a forever here
Away from the madness, pride and fame
Will you be gone, and only I who stay
Will the unreal then be still the same.

I want to let go
Of the emotions and the pain
To start afresh
And find myself once again

I want my thoughts
To be free of the past
No asking why, how and when
Just discover new, that will forever last

I want a hand
To clutch me tight
Make me cross the chasm
And force me to do the right

So that when I look back
I can smile with peace
A painful step at first
Is what put me to ease

It’s a wonder outside the plane! :)

Fluff of clouds
Tinch of orange sun
Zoom we go past them, one by one
Oh we’re flying in the blue sky!

No solid ground, no water flow
Bubbles of ice only we find
We gaze with wonder, with a childlike mind
Oh we’re flying in the blue sky!

Will all Jupiter be like this?
Will the blue sky be red on Mars?
Will we go beyond, and live on stars?
Oh we’re flying in the blue sky!

Rich or poor, religion and color
Hold no meaning from up here
A world beyond human, without any fear
Oh we’re flying in the blue sky!

Writing gives me the undiscovered joy!

A self without attachment

A self without detachment

Is a self attainable by enlightened few

A discovery, both blissful and new

Takes away the ‘human’ we bestowed upon us

Adds a oneness with the humble universe

A universe of rocks, stars and oceans

We aren’t just spectators, as they reside within us

But what about love

The subject of poems, musings and melody

A creation of mind, a feeling of heart

A bondage we chase as we vye for a passionate start?

No attachment, no detachment

Where does kindness fit?

A touch of hand, an embrace of comfort

Have no meaning then?

The puzzle is yet not complete, a missing piece

Answers we forever seek to put one self at ease!

Disha Gupta

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